Saturday, January 26, 2008


......Part two........
DAY 2 (Sunday, Jan 20, 2008)
After accepting my new calling to the party class at church Jenny, Hannah, and I decided strolling along Main Street would be a great roommate sabbath activity. Little did we know what the night held for us...

We arrived at the Director's Lodge and I suggested we go in. The security was real tight--
security thug: do you have a badge?
me: no
thug: uh...ok go in, I guess
but we managed to make it in just in time for wine and mini hors d'oeuvres (which meant water and raisinettes from a bowl for us Mormon girls). Met a few directors and film students who we will rendezvous with in later blogging.

We leave and continue on our journey up Main running into a crazy space cadet man who interviewed us about buying real estate ( look for us on the site maybe), free cucmber water at an art gallery, an australian with a fuzzy pink shirt and amazing eyes looking for a cheeky drink, chocolate bananas on sticks, a celeb or two, free gorgeous watches, one of our director friends Al Massad who gave us red carpet tickets to his film premiere Recycle on Wednesday...then our friend Dane.

Dane had been waiting with fellow fans for Paris to come out of Fred Segal. I was just interested in warming my hands and feet. So we walked around the Green Room. While I was standing around an outside heater some guys come walking out of a private party saying "Keith Fox is leaving so there is no point in trying to get in to the party anymore folks." I chime in and tell Keith I love him. He responds with a thank you. My friend go inside to use the bathroom and we run into the same gentlemen leaving the party with Keith. I say, "Keith, we meet again. And those are ridiculous gloves you're wearing." He shows them to me and describes how they help him climb things like spiderman... Then one of his friends mentions something about Modesto, CA. How many people know about Modesto?! So I jump into the conversation. Before I know it the guys are walking away and inviting us to go to Erik's party with them. I shrug my shoulders and we pile into a club wagon musical taxi full of christmas lights, glowing lips, a disco ball, and a driver ready to play any song we requested. Later in the night we requested the same musical taxi and discovered there was karaoke and fun masks in there too.

So we play at Erik's and dance up a storm there making new friends, eating pizza, and taking more photos. Thank you Erik.

We leave with our friends to their condo they are renting for $15,000 for 5 days at Deer Valley. Eat some pizza, get ready for the next party, sit by the's all pretty relaxing.

Dane and I go on a mission to move our cars so they don't get towed at 2am...lame parking enforcement...and make it back as our crew is loading the musical taxi again to head to the Green Door Mansion for a party where we hung with Paris Hilton, grabbed some free designer Chip & pepper denim, played some indoor basketball, rapped with Cisco Adler and danced on the table until 5am because we were snowed in and no taxis could come up to take us home.
Our Hollywood friends blogged about us and posted a picture with Dane and Paris here...hooray for the local Mormons...only sober people at 5am and still partying.
Barely making it back to the condo and to our cars covered in snow we realized there was no way we could make it out until the roads had been plowed. So we stuck around and I borrowed some socks so I could sleep for about an hour and a half before braving the roads back to Provo. Wake me up because I must be in the world did that night ever happen?!
Read up on Dane's version of the night on his blog also.


Jaimee said...

Okay miss party girl... Where was my invite?!!! j/k That's pretty cool, only my Deanna could meet that many hollywood people especially Paris Hilton in one night! I went to Sundance for the film festival a while back and didn't see any stars.. I suck! That's cool you had such a fun time!

Britt said...

You are hilarious. You are the only person I know who could pull this off !

Anonymous said...

Crazy space suit guy was me - Phil with Thanks for the shout out! I will indeed have your interview posted along with several others ASAP. BTW, WellcomeMat for those who want to be the local media. The space suit is a metaphor for the use of video in real estate and local business marketing. Stand out with video, from your competition and get discovered. I certainly did ;)

This video might clear things up. Rock and Roll Astronauts in Vegas:

Anonymous said...

The link: WellcomeMat Rock and Roll Astronauts take on Vegas