Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Not sure how I hadn't heard a thing about this film, but 50 cent Tuesday came around and I went with the roommate Danny Wilson to see Across the Universe. At first, I was skeptical wondering if this was like a High School Musical set to Beatles songs. In the middle I was a little confused. By the time it ended, I walked out of the theater in love with this film. It might be because I believe the Beatles were music gurus, because I just returned from London and am smitten by the English accent (Jude is just gorgeous), or maybe because the cinematography was grand...oh and the love story behind it all was super too. Hopefully this show crosses your universe one day.


g.lock said...

likewise enjoyed this one! i feel the beatles songs really came alive, and can't help but listen to them differently now.

Jaimee said...

Sounds like it's a movie I'll have to see. I hadn't heard of it either D but me I never go to movies much anymore anyway b/c of kids so I'm not really in the up and up on movies lately. But I will definately have to see it, thanks!

Shauna said...

Take me! Take me! :)