Friday, July 26, 2013


We're so hot, not even the water park can cool us down. 
I went to Seven Peaks with my nieces and nephew last week. 
Let me start by saying that I love people. I learned that I enjoy working with people more than behind a computer one summer while I was trying out some design work in Europe. I'm just more happy talking with and learning from others. But lately, as I go out, it seems like it is the first time out in public in 10 years for many people. Seriously, why is it so hard to say please, thank you, excuse me, I'm sorry I elbowed you in the back while we are waiting in line because I don't pay attention to where I am going, etc. I'm also wondering why people think it is ok to walk across a street in front of a car staring at their cell phone and NOT look up to make eye contact with the driver. CARS. WILL. RUN. YOU. OVER. It's like the zombie apocalypse is here. Wake up.

I want to encourage everyone (including myself) to be a little better. 
*Smile a little more. 
*Put your call on hold and acknowledge the cashier when you step up to the register in a store.
*Give a thank you wave when someone let's you go in front of them.
*Recognize a kind deed (it encourages that person to continue doing them)
*Hold a door for someone
*Let a person go ahead of you in line.
*Give a stranger a compliment.
*Write a thank you note.


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We all could be a little better :)