Monday, March 18, 2013


First of all, I want to apologize for a previous post. I normally don't show much emotion on this blog. But I did the other there you have it...I have emotions (don't tell anybody else). This car accident event was a little tough for me, but Dayz has been doing much better. Her happy attitude is showing through the stitches.
Here is Day-Z:

(She is very camera shy)

I have had several people offer kind words, giving support and letting me know things will be ok. One comment stood out the most saying she might LOOK different, but she will still BE the same dog and we'll LOVE each other just the same. I've realized this is true since her surgery medications have worn off and she is back to her super happy (sometimes stubborn) dog self.

After answering the door and having the UPS guy pet her and ask, "What happened? Did her eye get ripped out or something?" and a 7 year-old girl comment, "She's weirding me out. I'm not coming over any more because of her," I was a little nervous. I am aware Day-Z is a dog. She doesn't care who you are, she'll wag her tail and sniff your hand for a scratch behind the ear. I know that I love her and I think Day-Z is beautiful - inside and out. She is the sweetest, most gentle, funniest dog I have met. I just hope others can see that too.
Mother Teresa said, "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." That statement is so simple yet so profound. It is much easier to find the faults in others instead of looking inward and finding what it is that we are seeing in this person we are judging. We need to be fair. 

Those Depeche Mode guys sang (from the song People Are People):

So we're different colours
And we're different creeds
And different people have different needs.
It's obvious you hate me 
Though I've done nothing wrong.
I never even met you
So what could I have done.
I can't understand
What makes a man
Hate another man.
Help me understand.

At Powell's City of Books in Portland, there is a section where they ask you to actually judge the books by their ridiculously awesome covers, but I think most other times - especially with people *and pets* - I'd say we should keep the judging to a minimum. 


michelle said...

Love this!



jamie braun said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE depeche mode! great song! poor little puppy! glad he is doing ok