Thursday, February 14, 2013


Dear Aspiring Authors,
Please think and then rethink the title you choose for your future books.

I've been searching libraries, book stores, and various shops for good books lately. In my search, I have found some interesting book titles.
 Who wants to head to the kitchen?
 From the who cares about collection
(also available Who Cares About Elderly People)
 Way more exciting than the house that love built
 New edition to the Where's Waldo books
 sex education in the children's department?
Was this written during Civil War times?

So, please, think about you title. And then get a second opinion.


Kiley said...

Those are hilarious!!

peejay said...


Heather S. said...

We used to have Little Black Sambo, It wasn't until I was much older that i could be pretty racist seeming...

Vicki Lesage said...

That's awesome. I remember reading the Shel Silverstein book when I was younger - such innocent minds!