Thursday, November 29, 2012


Why do you have to park in the stall right next to mine when the parking lot is completely empty? Seriously?!


Unknown said...

Hi, Deanna! LOL People are so weird. That picture cracked me up.

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AnchorsandHoney said...

I hate when that happens!

Unknown said...

I know what you are talking about and then it makes you nervous..half expecting someone to jump out to grab you when you get there. I think I would've had security walk me over just to be safe. I understanding parking by the light but right next to you...sheesh!

Unknown said...

oh my gosh that cracks me up. and drives me nuts. why?

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gl0ssy said...

I hate when people do that! Maybe they don't want their car to be lonely lol

Bailey said...

I was going to say what gl0ssy said. maybe their care can't stand being alone... maybe? still annoying though!

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Leslie said...

This is my husbands pet peeve. He will park in the boondocks because he hates people parking next to him...but it never fails... Someone always parks RIGHT next to him even though there are 20 spaces free.