Friday, June 22, 2012


My friend Kat is here in Czech for the summer also. So she met my cz family and me for some good fun in Prague.
Our apartment is the perfect location
A little sightseeing:
Orloj clock tower and the John Lennon wall
 A walk on the Charles Bridge after dark

 pillow forts & video games with William
 painting bricks for charity

lunch at a restaurant that has train tracks along the tables...
 so you can watch your drinks leave the main station (kitchen)...
 and be delivered right to you in a train car
*William loved this so we had a lot of drinks with lunch*
 Then we finished the afternoon at the golf range

Always a wonderful time in Prague.


Supercords said...

Your Prague posts are always entertaining. I regret not having visited yet.

Kat said...

deanna is that golf appropriate attire...?