Tuesday, November 29, 2011


What's a girl to do with a 10 hour layover at JFK

 besides eat pizza
by really tall buildings
that isn't a waste of time (ah jeez, people).
I grabbed some tickets to the 9/11 memorial preview site
 I remember being in the city for NYE 2000 and taking photos of the twin towers in this spot.
 9/11 Memorial - World Trade Center - North Pool - Ground Zero

 South Pool

Kiosks that allow visitors to look for location of names at the memorial pools.
These signs posted outside the construction zone pretty much sum up the feeling you get from visiting the site. God bless America, the innocent who lost their lives, and the heros who protect our country.


April said...

Wow! I haven't seen pictures other than the ones in magazines/newspapers. Looks like it's very moving. I'm glad they made something beautiful from such a terrible tragedy. God Bless America!

peejay said...