Sunday, April 17, 2011


Earth Day is approaching. Somehow I seem to not be able to escape frozen earth these days. This has made my appreciation for tights in the last few months grow. After all, I don't want my legs to freeze on my way to church.

I like mine bright and bold. I've discovered a site that sells leg coverings in just this fashion. In fact, you can get them any way you like: tights, thigh highs, knee highs, socks...embellished with bows, fishnet, lace, stripes...sheer or opaque...whatever your pleasure. 

Once you click on the product, there are reviews and ratings from other shoppers just like you and their experience with the item so you'll get a better idea which is best for you! Best part is the prices start at $3.99 and they offer great deals on shipping! The site is EdenFantasys (**be VERY careful what you click on once you're there if there are impressionable eyes nearby**). 


Lin said...

I love your tights in the first photo, totally cute!

Sam said...

I NEED some new ones--thank you! =)

MiStY said...

Looking good Deanna! Miss you- as always and hope you are having a wonderful adventure.