Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Nacho Mama Tees ( has some of the best crazy shirts around. Founded in 2004, the company offers items such as Chuck Norris shirts, hangover t-shirts and zombie shirts. They provide a variety of awesome offensive shirts, funny shirts, movie shirts, and awesome mens vintage tees. They have a cheap shirts section where most shirts are available at an affordable price of $16.99 or less. To make sure everyone is happy, they offer shirt sizes ranging from small-3XL. So go ahead and get your t-shirt on.

Secretly, I am planning on going to Canada in one way or another so I chose the Canadian Eh Team shirt from the cool t-shirts category. I love it. It's fits perfectly and washes all of your best tees should.


ajschafer2005 said...

Have fun in canada,'s not really a secret now is it if you put it on your blog. Be careful in Canada, those Canadians have been known to break hearts hardcore.

Shoaib Ishrat said...

you look cute girl..:)