Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My email won GBP£850,000.00 AND some kind sir/madam from Africa who had a family member pass on is willing to share their US $280,000,000 dollar inheritance with me (I'm just one western union wire away from it). What a lucky day and just in time for Christmas shopping!

Seriously email scammers...lose my address, please.


Lin said...

Ugh...I get these darn emails all the time too. They're SO annoying!

Cal said...

haha. That is hilarious. I haven't got one of those for a long time.

Catrina said...

I get at least one of those a day if not more!

FindOverstock.com said...

sadly, you will continue to receive these (and others similar to this one) for as long as you publicise your e-mail address, the way you do, meaning:

instead, do something like this:

deannalw47 [at] hotmail.com

people will still understand what your e-mail address is, but e-mail sniping and phishing programs theae scamemrs use to harvest e-mails - will not be able to pick yours up.