Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today I went into an office where the girls at the front desk were giggling and modeling their new purse (or purses for most because they said a girl can never have too many) and then it hit me....I might be a failure at being a girl. Here are my reasons why:
1. I don't carry a purse to match every outfit. In fact, I don't even like the word purse.
2. My favorite color is NOT pink.
3. I don't consider myself to be needy.
4. I kinda hate cats and when I see them I kinda want to kick them (but I never would).
5. I'm not that terrible of a driver.
6. I don't like to shop.
7. I don't have to leave something on my plate when I go out to eat to seem dainty.
8. I have an opinion. I won't push it on people, but I'll share it when needed.
9. I've never had my nails done.
10. I don't take crap from boys and
11. I'm not afraid to get dirty.
So there you have I suck at being a girl?


Anonymous said...

You may suck at being a girl, but it sounds like you're pretty good at being a person... minus the cat thing.

Leslie said...

I told my SIL when I grow up...Ill be a girl...but for right now, I dont have time.

Anonymous said...

you should probably learn to like cats.....

Jeff said...

Robyn doesn't do a lot of those things either and I think she's an excellent girl. So you're doing quite excellent.

easleyfamily said...

You are the best kind of girl...the real kind! Way to go...really, whats the big deal with purses anyways???

Anonymous said...

what was #6? Not that terrible of a driver? Tell it to El Gato Negro.... ironically named after a cat... see #4 on your list....

I vote bad girl! But great sister.
Love you enough to be honest.

Devon said...

Seriously! If I knew a girl who did ALL of those things, she would probably bug me to death! So I think it's a good thing to not be "that" kind of girl! Too funny!

Deavon said...

You freaking rock at being a girl! I especially like #11.

Jaimee said...

You are the coolest girl there is! I don't match my purse w/every outfit either I use one only b/c of all the crap you have to carry around w/kids in tow! I never liked pink until Brooklynn came along and I'm definetly not afraid to get dirty either!! Remember the time we went on Seadoo's w/some boys we didn't even know in our Sunday dresses!!! I think those type of girls are the COOLEST!! :) You rock in my book sista!! love ya xoxoxo