Monday, September 15, 2008


It's been awhile since I posted a good blog, assuming some of my posts are good, so I am using this one to do some catching up.

I was taken to the forest to pick mushrooms. A little afraid because the ony mushrooms I have ever picked have been at the supermarket, I learned to stay away from the red ones even though they look so pretty. I was in last place in the mushroom finding contest with only 2 in my basket until I found the biggest and best variety. The next day I used my hunting experience to deliver an amazing talk to the branch in Czech. Houby=mushroom & pokani=repentance. Then we had mushroom soup for lunch.

William got a new ride and I taught him the correct way to drive: one hand on the wheel and the other around the babes.

I found out IKEA dogs are delicious in any language.

My mate Marc from England came for a visit and I think in our 5 days of seeing the Czech countryside he left with a month's worth of stories. Train crashes, dairy farms, Hotel Slovan, Germans and vodka, neverending dumpling feasts, etc. Click here for more photos/insights from this Prague holiday.


Sean Duggan said...

i like your blue hoodie

Deanna said...

I like your face.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Unlike repentance, I don't believe in eating fungus.