Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Two things I HATE: colored toilet paper and crocs.
It's just wrong wrong wrong to be using paper with dye on it. I don't care if it matches the you know where it's gonna go?!

Second, I hate Crocs. I know I'm really late to the Crocs-mocking party but they just won't go away. Below is an amazing article about them. It'll either a)make you pee your pants from laughing so much, b)feel ashamed, very ashamed for wearing them, or c)offend someone in which case you should really get a sense of humor:

Here's just an excerpt:
If you think about it, the Crocs company should really be admired. P. T. Barnum would be proud. They've managed to separate money from the wallets of millions and millions of seemingly sane people who wake up, look in the closet, and actually decide: "Today I'll leave the house wearing these neon-green Dutch bubble shoes with Swiss-cheese holes in them. Maybe I'll even buy some little plastic strawberries or bananas and jam them in the sweat holes, just to jazz things up and make the bacteria incubate faster."

On the other hand, and you may not agree with me, but I LOVE fanny packs. Anybody who dares to wear one has the cool award for the day in my opinion.


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

I own and love my Mary Jane Crocs. I am afraid to read that article... will you still love me?

Deanna said...

Put your hands up, step AWAY from the crocs, and noone will get hurt...

Jimmy said...

Really ??!! Colored toilet paper ?? ...very funny...haha...where did you see it ?

Jimmy from LA

Anonymous said...

i wear crocs. they are the most comfortable thing you can wear on your feet. the stupid colors, the accesssories, all that nonsense is retarded. i agree. but crocs are great. try em for a week and you shall see that they are better than flip-flops, birkenstocks and certainly sneakers.

Los Angeles, CA

molly said...

Lover, I am going to vindicate your hatred of crocs. They are absolutely the ugliest, tackiest things ever. In all incarnations.

Also, fanny packs rule! I personally rocked a black "nintendo" one for 80's night a couple of weeks ago.

I have no opinion on colored toilet paper, because I'm pretty sure they bleach it to be white in the first place. But I'm going to trust in your taste (since we agree on everything else :)) and now say, I HATE COLORED TOILET PAPER!

Thank you friend.

Anonymous said...

Sure join the anti-croc band wagon. Never mind they are so hugely successful that people actually boucot them!! I must confess I have never put them on... but they look comfortable! Stop ripping on them I just bought a camo pair for my son and I don't want him saying they're uncool.
Oh and you invalidate yourself with the fannypack statement. They were never cool. The only reason you're pulling it off in the pic is the fanny, not the pack you hot little minx!!

Deanna said...

Jimmy, its rolls all over the place.
Molly, just go with it.
DB, I'll stick with my chacos thanks.
Mr. Anon, I do not regret my statement. I hate crocs. I like that you don't admit to ever putting a pair on yourself...but your kid wears em. Right...I believe it.

Jimmy said...

haha....You do have a beautiful body !...I can't see it in the winter time to LA so we could swim together all the time ,right ? what's your phone number , I called you 801 number but it doesn't work ...when will you be back ?