Saturday, June 28, 2014

SeaWorld + Blackfish + My Opinion

I visited SeaWorld San Diego and had an amazing experience. I went to all of the shows, rode the rides, and checked out every exhibit I could. After that, I came home and watched Blackfish. 

Do I regret visiting SeaWorld? Do I feel like SeaWorld is a bad place that treats animals in a cruel way? Will I never visit SeaWorld ever again? 
My answer is NO.

Things can be created for both sides of an issue/attraction/idea. For example, a movie could be made about all of the dogs who have had to be put to sleep because they have "attacked" a person, but you can also make a film about how many dogs have been adopted and helped people and are great pets. Would I watch the first movie and get rid of my sweet pooch? No. I feel like this film was very one sided and encourage others to check the facts from both parties before forming an opinion.

Please be sure to check out this link for the truth about Blackfish.