Monday, June 30, 2014

Cruise Day 2: ST. THOMAS

Our first stop at port was in St. Thomas. The group split up a little bit. 
Everyone started with a little shopping.
 Some went straight to the rum tasting booth.

The birthday boy celebrated with Señor Frogs hats.
Some went to the beach.
 My friend Brandon and I headed off to ride the BOSS underwater scooters.

After riding the scooters, we were given the option to snorkel.
This is the only shore excursion we booked through Carnival. If I could do it over, I would recommend taking local taxis and tours just to give money to the people of the island.
Riding these was definitely something to remember, but I don't think I would choose this excursion again. I think if the people in charge of the tour were performing this tour in the states, they might be slapped with a sexual harassment case. I know they were trying to joke and make it fun, but it just didn't very professional to make jokes and rude comments to people aboard their boat.
 But we all made it back to ship to dine on shark balls
and celebrate Uncle Duane's birthday.