Friday, April 17, 2015


Make new friends, 
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.
 I'm not sure why 
or how 
 I met these kids.
 But I sure am lucky I did.
 Thank you for being a friend.
Derek's going back to Canada, Jarvie is a gypsy, and the other peeps might never cross my path again, but I think God puts people in our lives at certain times for good reasons.

Many thanks to Casey for the photos.


My niece and nephews (and a whole bunch of other school-aged children and various performance groups in the area) were able to take part in the America's Freedom Festival Hope of America celebration last night. It was fabulous!
 I love my America! I haven't been in the states for July 4 for years and that's make me sad because it is my second favorite celebration. 
 *(There was this one time I had the greatest idea of my life...stadium of fire...faithfully...)
 The house lights went down for the final number and the children used flashes as they sang. It was magical.
Here is a little video clip:

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I'm not a fan of cat vs mouse games,
but this kitty and his TEMPTATIONS SNACKY MOUSE™ Toy cracks me up.
The "cat" is unable to secure a definitive victory over the "mouse", who despite not being able to defeat the cat, is able to avoid capture. This mouse spills a treat if the cat knocks him the right way. This might not be the brightest cat around (bless his heart), but it take him too long to figure this toy out. OK, maybe he figured it out after the dogs knocked a few treats out of it first.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Spring is here! What does that mean? In Utah, it means crazy, unpredictable weather, but it also means swimsuit weather is coming soon. For some of us, that means we need to get in shape.
Zenwise Labs makes an Advanced Green Tea Extract that contains a specialized blend of Green Tea and Vitamin C. Green Tea extract has been shown to assist in weight loss, lower the risk of heart disease, and lower cholesterol without making you feel shaky or jittery. By adding Vitamin C, you can increase the antioxidant effects and boost your immune system. All of their products are all-natural, made in the USA, and GMP certified so you don't have to worry about the quality of the ingredients you are putting into your body.
 Since I know you'll love that Zenwise Labs product so much, I will tell you about two other products they have available as well. Pictured above is a pre-workout that will give you the energy you need to boost your workouts, runs, or various physical activity. It will give you that extra boost to help you work a little harder. Some of the unique ingredients include L Arginine, L Ornithine, and L Citrulline, which have been shown to increase nitric oxide levels, support muscular energy, and delay fatigue.
This Hair Growth product has Biotin and 27 high-quality ingredients that are designed to help revitalize and nourish your hair. It is allergen-friendly, meaning it contains absolutely NO gluten, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, eggs, or fish so it is great for everyone. Zenwise Labs offer a 100% no-hassle manufacturer guarantee for all their products. This means if you do not get the results that you were looking for, simply let them know and they will provide you with a full refund. I love when companies stand by their products.
Another necessary thing I recommend for staying healthy is stretching. Sometimes tightness in your muscles can interfere with your sleep and stretching those muscles can only do so much. That's when you need a foam roller. This one from Rolling With It is 36 inches long and 6 inches around which is a perfect length for full back therapy to eliminate pain and improve mobility and flexibility.

It doesn't matter your weight or level of physical expertise, this foam roller will work for you.

#107 Candy Station Party Set #GIVEAWAY

My name is Deanna and I like to party.

I just don't like to plan, decorate, and get ready for parties. Some people have the cutesy eye for throwing parties and some don't. Thanks to Smarty Had A Party, it doesn't matter which one you are anymore. Smarty Had A Party is the nation’s top-rated online party store for entertaining that offers a wide selection of dinnerware, party supplies, and table linen. Their products are budget-friendly, elegant, disposable, and eco-friendly which is awesome.

In celebration of Disney/Pixar’s motion picture INSIDE OUT opening June 19, and with the help of Smarty Had A Party, it was easy to set up a candy station celebration with paper lanterns.
It is literally as simple as setting up a party in a box!
The pack included these items:
1 fuchsia taffeta sequin table runner
4 silver heart plastic candy scoops
2 small/2 medium clear plastic treat buckets with handles
12 8” fuchsia/pink round paper lanterns
They also have a blog where you can read more about paper lanterns.
 Add a few fun printable pages for the film
 and we were ready for lots of fun!
 *Feel free to download the pages and print them for your own party.*
Follow Disney/Pixar on YouTube and watch the INSIDE OUT trailer
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Monday, April 6, 2015


There aren't many things that I think I MUST buy. I can usually talk myself out of making purchases, but for some reason I just LOVE Alex and Ani products. The company and products have great +energy that I can't pass up. I have a wrist full of bangles so I have started buying necklaces.
I am super excited about the new Crystal Infusion Collection. It's perfect for a more dressy accessory day. Check it out. If you can't think of anyone in your life who needs this, you are more than welcome to send some Alex and Ani love my way!

Shop the new Crystal Infusion Collection at ALEX AND ANI

*Don't forget about the $5 off the bangles of the month deal for all MLB fans


I have a lot of friends having babies lately. This means I have been attending a lot of baby showers. I like to give presents for both the baby and mother (after all, mom goes through a lot to get baby here).
1. Berry Sleepy the 100% Fruit Sleep Aid
Having a baby means you might have some sleepless nights staying up with the new bundle of joy. 
This product is made of a blend of three superfruits that are proven to induce sleep: 
1) Passion Fruit contains serotonin, a mild sedative perfect for helping you gently drift off.
2) Goji Berries have a blend of magnesium and thiamin, ideal for high-quality rest.
3)Tart Cherries contain optimal levels of melatonin to help you stay asleep.

Since this is all natural, you can feel great taking it to get some #BerryGoodSleep.

Yochi Yochi is a 3-in-1child safety harness that you can use as a portable high chair, walking harness, and a shopping cart safety strap. This product can be used for babies from 6 months of age up to preschoolers. This is great for moms and babes on the go. As a walking harness, you can keep your little one close when you are in big crowds. The portable high chair option is great for trips to friend's houses or restaurants to help them sit up and be safe. This product is easy to use to put baby in, but not so easy for them to get out so they stay safe. #YochiYochiPortableHighChair

3. Chew-Choos "Sweet Pea" Silicone Teething necklace
This necklace is 28", Safe, Non-toxic BPA-free Baby Teether made by Baby Pinch Boutique. It can be used for soothing baby to help relieve tender gums and emerging new teeth. It provides entertainment for curious nursling babies held in wraps or carriers while bonding with mommy. It has a break-away safety clasp that make it comfortable for the wearer in case baby tugs and pulls. Finally, it is super cute and fashionable. Mom can wear this to accessorize her outfit and keep baby happy and nobody would ask any questions (besides where you bought it). This necklace comes in several amazing colors and the coolest thing about the boutique that sells this product is that it is a small SAHM business. I love helping the little guys out!

4. Pure Guard Crib Mattress Protector by Swaddlez
This product is made of bamboo. I have recently figured out that bamboo is amazing! It is naturally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial. Bamboo is also considered one of the most absorbent textiles available which means you don't have to worry about leaky bottle messes or potty training misses. Bamboo naturally keeps your baby warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This protector pad is designed to fit all mattress sizes. It has a 9" skirt that will fully wrap around any mattress, holding it firmly in place. The TPU membrane is 100% waterproof and the bamboo top is highly absorbent, so gets a comfortable night's sleep while parents don't have to worry about protecting the mattress. The best thing about this product is that it is completely machine washable and dryer friendly.

5. SleeKeys iPad keyboard
SleeKeys is an iPad case with an integrated physical keyboard. It doesn't use Bluetooth, batteries, or wires.The keyboard interacts with the iPad by being flipped onto the screen (this how SleeKeys can operate without electricity of any sort). Since there isn't any electricity involved, it a sleeker and more lightweight case. The company has patents pending on the product and technology and there is nothing similar on the market. This is a great product for mom/dad on the go with baby so you don't have to carry big, bulky electronics in the diaper bag along with baby's needed items.

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