Monday, February 8, 2016


Today was a resort day.
 We adventured around on bicycles. We saw iguanas, raccoons, birds, and a crocodile.

The resort is really in the middle of the Mexican jungle.
 Later in the afternoon, we spent time on the beach

 and in our private pool and hot tub inside our villa.

For dinner, we went on a boat ride around the hotels.
The hotel manager came to Milan and Ivanka tonight and told them have to charge them more for our various excursions. Apparently, they thought I was their daughter and we were 2 kids and 2 adults. *I'm blushing.*

Of course, we took turns driving the boat.
Hasta MaƱana.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


This morning, we loaded into a van with our driver Gustavo and tour guide Jose. Our first stop was at the humble home of a shaman (he calls himself a JMan) near Chichen Itza.
 He took sat us down individually to purify us and then he bonded us a family. It was...interesting.
My favorite part of this stop was this abuela shucking corn.
We continued our journey to our next destination: Chichen Itza. The Mayans used a tons of symbolism in all of the buildings in this complex. Our guide was giving us an in-depth explanation of it all. Then some in our group needed him to speed things along so he shortened it and we started taking photos.
Climbing the ruins was closed in 2007 to the public so we weren't allowed to go to the top. I was a little bummed at how commercial/touristy the area is, but it was cool to see.
 About fifteen minutes down the road, we stopped for lunch at a small Mexican restaurant. My group was afraid eating local food would upset their that meant more tacos and horchata for me! 
(PS my stomach was fine.)
While we were eating lunch, a cute little parade passed. I love being immersed in a culture.
The final spot on our itinerary for the day was Ek' Balam.
 It is another Mayan village in the Yucatan with ruins that we were able to climb and enjoy.
*Here we are rocking those homemade shorts I showed you from day 1.*

 The site is known for a plaster on the tomb (on the side of a palace) of a king who was buried inside.
My favorite part was climbing to the top to enjoy the view. 
The clouds were so fluffy today I thought I was gonna die.


Mexico day numero dos was filled with a trip to Delphinus in Riviera Maya (a 10 minute drive from our resort in Playa Del Carmen) to swim with dolphins.
 We were able to get in the water with trainers on the side guiding us through the process.
 The dolphins swam around us so we could use to them and vice versa.
We were able to pet,
 get and give kisses,
take a try at being a trainer and giving them instructions,
and get a ride from the dolphins.
Dolphins are amazingly smart and beautiful creatures.


After many different trip ideas, my Czech family and I packed our bags to go to Mexico for a week. I wasn't expecting a tropical visit during my stay so I didn't pack any warm clothing and Ivanka lost a few kilos and didn't want to buy new shorts...
 so we had to get creative.
Extra material meant matching headbands!
We loaded up the car and drove 3 hours to the Munich airport
 to catch our non-stop 12 hour flight to Cancun.
 Thank goodness for business class and the reclining beds.
They also served us fancy food.
 We arrived in Mexico late. The first day was spent at the beach getting to know our villa and used to the time difference.
 We stayed at the Bayan Tree Mayakoba resort. It is fabulously fabulous!

 The resort supplied us with bikes to ride if we didn't want to wait for a golf cart to pick us up to take us around.

Today was a good day.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Do you know more babies are born in the month of August than any other month? It's true. I am one of them thanks to those cold November days. So that means that there are lots of pregnant ladies around the globe right now in the middle of winter.
I was just shown the coolest jacket made by Mamaway that I want to share with you. It's like a transformer jacket.
#1 It's a normal down puffy jacket available in colors blue, cream, yellow, and pink. It comes with a hood to keep your ears warm. I'll only buy jackets with hoods from now on!
But wait, it comes with a secret zip-in panel that can be used two ways.
#2 The elastic panel can go at the bottom to be worn as a maternity jacket so it can stretch and cover the belly.

#3 Once the baby is born, you can flip the panel the other way and wear it over a baby carrier to keep you and the babe snug and warm.
The jacket is made with high quality material that is soft and super warm. It is windproof. It also come with a storage bag for easy packing and can be used to travel. The jacket has two pocket on the front and two inside pockets.

Stay warm and try out this cool maternity 3-in-1 down jacket from #mamaway whether you are pregnant now or plan to be in the future this winter. It could also make a great baby shower gift.

I was given this item at a discounted price in return for my honest opinion.