Sunday, July 26, 2015


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But you got a heart so big
It could crush this town
And I can't hold out forever
Even walls fall down
-Tom Petty ~ Walls (Circus)
I am obsessed with cool walls lately.
There are lots around Provo
especially on Center Street.
 I might have even recently driven an hour to Ogden
 just to take a photo or two by this wall.
And some things are over
Some things go on
And part of me you carry
Part of me is gone.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I've been driving through the canyons a lot lately and seeing trees with initials cared in them.
You might think this is romantic, but I would be wondering why the person I was on a date with had a knife. 
It might be safer to share a coke.
Don't be fooled...I hardly ever find things with my name on them. This one was special ordered.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Marvel's new film Ant Man is being released in theaters tomorrow - July 17.
What does the best auntie in the world do? She takes her niece and nephews to a special screening of the film so they can see it before all of their friends.
We all LOVED the movie. It was super funny. Be prepared to laugh a lot. Marvel/Disney did a great job with this new character. Just a tip: there are two special scenes after the movie. One is in the middle of the credits and the other is at the very end. You'll want to stay for both.

To help get you excited for to see this show, I have attached some printable Ant Man movie activity sheets.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I have been killing it at the gym lately. (That's how I'm supposed to say it, right?!) Ahem. Anyway, I recently spent a couple days with a friend who needed some company due to an injury. We watched a bit of Netflix. Well, maybe I watched and he slept. Either way, I discovered an awesome show called The Killing. I showed up to the gym the other night without earphones and told my friend Neil at the counter that I had to go home to get them and come back. He replied with, "Deanna, you know you can workout with earphones..." and he even offered to let me use a pair out of the gym lost and found. Ew! BUT I CAN'T. I had to go home to get my FSL Xylem earphones so I could watch that show. It's my best motivation yet. I also couldn't use cheap headphones and miss sounds. Seriously, these premium quality wooden earphones aren't just super pretty, they have the best sound. The wooden chamber of the FSL Xylem is designed to specifically reflect bass frequencies and absorb high frequencies. I'm not a scientist, so I'll just tell you that I can hear perfectly in both ears and the buds are made to fit and stay in my ears even while I move around.
The earphones are compatible to work with all audio devices that have a 3.5mm socket - that means just about anything portable like your smartphone, tablet, iPod, etc. They come in a handy, carrying case and are sold with a 3 year warranty and support for the lifetime of the product. I love it when a company stands by their products. Anyway, back to the sweat and the next episode. 
Exercise on!

Monday, July 13, 2015


I love summer. When else can you have a week full of
disc golf in the park
(first timer)
shark week
(or something like unto it)
road trips to the Uintas to take photographs
(but really just enjoying the food at the best of state 2015 restaurants in town. UGH. My head says Victoria's Secret model, but my heart says scones, burgers, and pizza.)
 fun at nearby lakes

outdoor concerts
and gorgeous sunsets. Keep the fun coming!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I have missed a handful of 4th of July celebrations over the last 8 years so you can imagine how excited I was to be in America for this year's festivities. 
 Day-Z was super excited too.
The city of Provo celebrates with amazing events for days leading up to the fourth.
 They launch hot air balloons in the morning,
had WWII Candy Bomber hero do his final candy drop for the children over Scera Park,
parades, rooftop concerts, contests, carnivals, and the finale event 
 the Stadium of Fire.
 This event was full of cool dancers,
 diet coke and mentos explosion shows,
 a concert by Journey, 
 and, of course, 
 lots of amazing fireworks.
There ain't no doubt I love this land!
Happy birthday, America.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Have I mentioned that I am SO exited to be in the USA for the 4th of July?! Provo has been killing it with the festivities this year. I truly believe I am in the best city, in the best state, in the best country in the world this year to celebrate.
This year they are showcasing the best story of chocolate, bubble gum, and hope you will ever encounter. It is the story of Gail Halvorsen, a WWII hero known as the candy bomber.
 He will be doing his last candy drop in Orem over the Scera Park on July 3. It will be an event to remember and I am so excited to be a part of it.
If you don't know who he is, google his story. Be prepared for your heart to melt with happiness and love in knowing that there are good people in the world. You can also check his story out in the Meet the Mormons movie.


Isn't it great to have friends that you may have not seen for 5 years,
but every time you get together you pick up right where you left off.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I recently discovered Provo Bakery and their delicious croissant donuts.
It was love at first bite.
Your taste buds will not be disappointed in you for trying one.


It is the nature of paths to cross. There may be road blocks or different courses taken along the way, yet once we meet, you will be in my heart forever. (Sorry-- no exit signs.)
I'm not sure if the fault is in our paths or in our hearts, but I want you to know you are loved. 
*In my best Willie Nelson voice* You are always on my mind.

Friday, June 26, 2015

This Is The Place Heritage Park #Giveaway {$100 Basic Family Pass}

I have the opportunity to help support a giveaway with a group of local Utah bloggers. Read the details below and then don't forget to enter the giveaway.

Welcome to the BeUtahful Summer Adventure Series, hosted by A GAL NEEDS...We are featuring some of the best attractions in the state of UTAH for tourists and locals alike! 

Giveaway - Sponsored by This Is The Place Heritage Park
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And thanks to the great Utah Bloggers (this includes me!) helping to promote this event.
We are giving away a 1 year family pass with a retail value of $100! 

This Is The Place Heritage Park has been around for a long time! Originally established to pay homage to the founders of the state of Utah, with gorgeous memorial statues lining the drive around the park, it has evolved into much more! Families from near and far come to the park to enjoy the many amenities offered to visitors. 

On any given day in the summer, you can visit so many different places within the park. For the entire summer, you can ride trains, pan for gold, meet the farm animals and ride ponies. Interact with the blacksmith, tinsmith and saddle-maker then card and spin wool, make take-home crafts, do pioneer chores, play old-fashioned games, and so much more. Your summer days and nights will be full of endless fun. Don't forget to also visit the Native American Village and see the native dancers.

You can read about Helena's experience at the park here. 

There are also many special events throughout the year and the park is open on a daily basis from April thru October. 

Special events for 2015 include:

Baby Animal Kick-Off April 2-4 
Little Haunts - October 15-17, 24, & 31 
Haunted Village Oct 10-31
Christkindlmarkt - Dec 3-5
Candlelight Christmas - December 7-23 & 26
Huntsman Day - June 12
Mountain Man Days - June 12-13
Liberty Days - July 4 
Pioneer Days - July 24 

Don't forget "this is the place" for weddings. There are nine venues to choose from to have the wedding of your dreams! 
"TITP was the perfect venue for our wedding reception. It was cozy but elegant and had a unique feel to it that we couldn't find anywhere else. The staff made us feel like family and helped to make it the perfect day" - Chrislyn Woolston

One winner will receive a one-year basic family pass. This pass includes:
FREE general admission, pony and mini train rides
FREE admission to these special events - Mountain Man Camp, Liberty Days, Pioneer Days, & Little Haunts
Monthly “This Is The Place Messenger” e-Newsletter telling of other events and happenings at the park.
50% discount to Haunted Village
$20 per person admission to the October Witches’ Ball
10% discount on purchases at Heritage Park Gift Shop and ZCMI Mercantile Store
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Here is a secret about me (unless you have played games with me before and already know this info). I am both a sore loser and sore winner. I love to play games. I love to win. And I am not afraid to rub it in your face or make you take embarrassing photos or videos if I win.
Sorry...not sorry.
Game on.

Behold the bocci champion.