Thursday, May 5, 2016


New hair - totally care.
I was given the opportunity to try a new salon out nearby. I went in for a cut and color and left with fabulous results. 
Beautylicious Salon and Supply  is located in American Fork, UT.
You can make an appointment or walk-in and get a cut, color, buy some beauty supplies, and spray tan.  They will make sure you are happy with your service.
Shop local. Woot woot.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I woke up to the text from my dog. That jokester.
May the fourth be with you on this Star Wars Day, nerds.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


If your plans for the weekend include watching the latest Marvel movie CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, then I'd say you will have a pretty sweet time. I was lucky enough to see it last night.
When the government sets up a governing body to oversee the Avengers, the team divides into two groups—one led by Captain America and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark’s surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability.

Are you #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan?

I was excited to see a new Spider Man.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR opens in theatres everywhere on May 6th.
Check out more from Marvel Studios at Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and the official Captain America website.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Mother's Day is a holiday honoring motherhood and it is fast approaching (reminder to send a card or call).
 Mother's Day is also a soon-to-be-released film that invites us all to enjoy the laughter, tears, and love as 3 generations come together in the week leading up to the holiday.

Open Road Films has created this star-studded comedy just in time for the big day. I had the opportunity to take my mom and my expecting friend Jessica to theater to watch it last night. I was a little nervous about what to expect. I have seen other films similar to this (with several stories that somehow are supposed to combine in the end) and totally was unimpressed. This movie made it work. It tells the story of a newly widowed father and his daughters, a divorcee and the problems that arise with new people in their personal and children's lives, a business woman, a young couple struggling with the idea of marriage, and sisters who don't know how to speak to their parent's anymore.
My favorite story of the film is the young couple. One of them wants to tie the knot, but the other is holding back because they still need to "find out/discover who they are." Doubts, fears, and uncertainty can often old us back from progressing in life, but if we can learn to trust in others (and most importantly ourselves) we can move forward with faith. I know it is easier said than done and we all make mistakes or hold back, but it is never too late to open our hearts and let love in.

*The film also helped me realize all moms are a little bit crazy (just as much as children, dads, and friends are crazy too).*

Check out the Mother's Day Card I made on the official Movie website HERE.

Learn more about the film on it's official

RELEASE DATE: April 29, 2016
MPAA RATING: PG-13 for language and some suggestive material


My dog is super picky when it comes to eating her food and treats. I was given a bottle of Zesty Paws  Pure Salmon Oil at a discounted price for her to try out.  To her, this is a tasty treat with body nourishing benefits for her digestive system, joints, and coat.
I simply added the recommended amount to her dog food and she ate it up super fast.
It is full of all natural Omega-3 and 6 nutrients and is perfect for all size dog and cat breeds.
My favorite part about this product (besides the fact that Day-Z is willing to consume it) is that it is manufactured in the USA.

WARNING: you might get some very fishy smelling kisses from your dog after they eat this product.

Monday, April 25, 2016

#C9atTarget EARTH DAY

Thanks to Influenster, Champion, and Target,
I was able to try out the #C9atTarget Sports Bra.
It's comfortable, colorful, and simply wonderful.
The fact that it is adjustable, stretchy, and pullover racerback fitting makes it my new favorite.
Try one on for yourself at your local Target store.
*PS They are on sale right now*
Day-Z and I went for a run by the lake to test it out and enjoy the view for Earth Day 2016.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


My friend Joe bought a new camera lens and asked if I would do a little photo shoot with him.
 I suggested this a sweet barn door I have had my eye on.
 and some balloons.

Then we headed to Utah Lake
 for some wind
 and sweet scenery.

 This place I live in is BeUTAHful!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The Giveaway has ended and winner was contacted. Congrats Ricky.

**Attention Utah readers**

Have you noticed those big, funny, white tents set up near the Southtowne Mall during your commute? Do you know why they are set up?
It is a super cool show called Odysseo by Cavalia and the show opens tonight in Sandy.
Cavalia's productions have made an unforgettable mark on the world of live entertainment with their one-of-a-kind homage to the bond between human and horse. Their equestrian productions will be an adventure you will never forget! 

Do you want to be among the first to discover Odysseo by Cavalia in Salt Lake this Friday, April 22 (6:30pm MST)??

I have two pairs (2 tickets per pair) of Gold category tickets to giveaway.
What? So hurry up and enter!

Go to my Instagram account and follow instructions to be entered to win.


If you don't use insta (why the heck not?!), then follow me google+ & +1 my blog (top right hand side) and leave a comment on this post with hashtag #OdysseoUT (you can tell me why you want to win, who will take, or how excited you are to see the show).

*I will give one pair of tickets away via Instagram and one from the blog comments.
This contest will end tomorrow night (Thursday, April 21, 5pm Mountain) and winner will have to respond ASAP to claim tickets for Friday night.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Have you had the chance to see Ellie Goulding on tour?
This girl did.
Even if we didn't know the lyrics to all of her songs,
 if you add some ice cream,
good friends, and sweet dance moves and...
you will love her like we do.
Thanks for the great concert.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I was recently talking with one of my favorite humans about who we would want to have as celebrity neighbors.  We both agreed on Bill Murray.
The next day, I had the opportunity to see the new movie The Jungle Book (directed by Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”), based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless story and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film) in the theater and I was surprised to hear Mr. Murray's voice as Baloo the Bear. I think he was my favorite part of the movie.
In fact, the film has a fabulous cast for voices of the characters including: Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong’o, Sir Ben Kingsley, Christopher Walken, and Giancarlo Esposito. The film blends live-action with photorealistic CGI animals and environments and uses up-to-the-minute technology and storytelling techniques. It is fabulous and totally worth seeing in 3D and IMAX 3D.

Here are some fun movie printables for you to enjoy to help contain your excitement for the movie.

THE JUNGLE BOOK opens in theatres everywhere on April 15, 2016!

Visit the official THE JUNGLE BOOK website

Friday, April 1, 2016

NO TRICKS - Bed Sheet Set

I really don't like April 1st. I am gullible - it's true. 
So what is my solution this year? Why not stay in bed?!
I have a new 4 piece (1 flat sheet 102"x90", 1 fitted sheet 80"x60",  and 2 pillowcases 20"x30") silky smooth, brushed microfiber bed sheet set that is so comfy! Why wouldn't I stay in bed.
I am an adult, so I figure I need some good sheets. This set is fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant.  It is ore durable than cotton, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. It isn't, however, resistant to dog hair when my furry friend sneaks under the covers when I'm not looking. But, they are machine washable so we can compromise.

 If you don't like the gray, don't worry, the set comes in a handful of different colors. They have a light stripe design that is fabulous. My favorite thing about this set is the company. They offer a 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE on every purchase.

PS The sheets fit mattresses up to 16" so you can put them on a mattress in your bedroom, guest room, RV, vacation home, or wherever you want. It's always time to buy some new sheets! #Mellanni

I received this item at a discounted price in return for my honest opinion.

Monday, March 28, 2016


When the grandchildren are too old for Easter egg hunts,
 there is still a grand-dogter that wants to play.
We filled some plastic eggs with dog treats
and Day-Z found them and popped them open.
Hope you peeps had a Happy Easter.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Guess who has joined an intramural volleyball team. This girl. 
I need a ball to practice with so I got the Vetra soft touch volleyball. It's an official size 5 ball that feels super soft so it doesn't hurt your arms when you play. I like that it comes in white/blue/yellow colors (instead of just boring white) so other people on the team don't try to steal my ball at practices. It is great for indoor and outdoor play. I think I need to visit the beach to get some Top Gun volleyball action soon. Who is ready to play?
It doesn't come inflated when you order it, but it isn't that hard to grab a needle and inflate the ball.
I was given this product at a discounted price in return for my honest opinion. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Over the last two weeks, I have met many new people who made me feel completely blessed. It is a good feeling. I have felt this way before, but I especially needed it recently. I am thankful for them.
It reminded me of a few months ago when I was driving in Salt Lake City down some residential area with a friend and there was a sign posted on the corner that simply said, "You are Loved." We looked at each other and said a big, "Aww!" It was a simple gesture that a person made to let people know they ARE loved. Heart: melted.
This is why I really like this new subscription box. (Subscription boxes are so cool right now.) It is called loved+blessed® and is about hope and encouragement rather than products.
Each month you get a box of encouragement with a different theme that the company hopes will brighten your month, help you face the challenges of life, and allow you pass encouragement on to someone else.
Inside of each box is a mini poster, reminder sticker, scripture card (to keep somewhere where you can see it daily or to give to someone for encouragement), a keepsake theme card, and a special gift (it can be jewelry, stationary, journal, home decor, and more).
This is what came in mine this month. It has a framed poster with pencils so you can color it (adult coloring books are the thing this year) and then the rest of the things I mentioned with the theme of being a masterpiece. I LOVE this idea! We all know the world needs more love and kindness spread around.

They are giving away a year's worth of boxes. Enter the giveaway here and check them out on the website, shop, instagram, pinterest, twitter, and Facebook to subscribe (give a gift subscription).
#LovedAndBlessed #FlyBy