Saturday, June 14, 2014


Today was the first day of the summer extended hours at the park so we headed to SeaWorld for a FULL day of fun.
 There are shows, rides, and great animals houses to see throughout the park. Be sure to give yourself time to catch as much action as you can!
 The first show we went to was the killer whale show. Of course, we sat in the splash zone.
 The dolphin show was pretty cool with the animals in the water and people soaring above on trapeze swings.

 We gathered around the dolphin pool and were able to touch and feed fish to them. Watch out...they are natural performers and might splash you.
 Visitors also have the chance to buy fish and feed the sea lions and giant sting rays. It's totally worth it! Be careful not to let pesky birds who fly in the park and love to steal the fish out of your hands before you can throw it.

 Don't forget your turkey leg for lunch.
 The rides we all super fun and thankfully the lines weren't too long this time of year.
The Beluga whales, penguins, sharks, and turtles were amazing to see.

All of the shows are wonderful, but my favorite shows were the sea lions. They have a day show and a night show where they kind of make fun of all the shows in the park (it is hilarious). Be sure to arrive early to these shows because the humans put on a funny show interacting with the audience before the animals come out.
My second favorite show is Pets Rule. Dogs, cats, pigs, and even a kangaroo make an appearance here. SeaWorld has adopted animals from shelters and trained them for this show and you won't want to miss it. 
Thank you for the fun-filled day and Happy 50th Anniversary, SeaWorld!


Kara said...

What a fun trip! I've always wanted to visit San Diego.