Friday, June 13, 2014


We went to check out Balboa Park today. The whole area is really gorgeous.
 It is full of museums, gardens, and attractions. Some cost money and some are free. This area closes up around 4:30-5pm so we went early to see all attractions.
 The museum we went to was the NAT (San Diego Natural History Museum) because they had a real pirate exhibit. Just outside of the museum was a giant tree and old carousel.

 Included in the ticket purchase was the museum, the pirate exhibit, and a movie. We chose the Great White Shark 3D movie and it was awesome!

 Half of our group wanted to hit the beach and the other half went to Seaport Village. This is a fun area with shops, people flying kites, tours, and good food. There are lots of birds by the restaurants on the pier that apparently they don't want you to feed.
Since it was Friday the 13th AND a full moon outside, we tried to get tickets for the Whaley House. It is said to be haunted. All tours were sold out...I guess we weren't the only with the great idea.