Sunday, June 15, 2014


It was time for the final park of our trip today, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
This park is really cool because it is huge and they own lots of land for the animals to roam just as they would in their natural habitat.

 You also get to see animals up close. The lemurs just plop down in front of park visitors and might sometimes walk by and bump into you. For the animal's safety, you aren't allowed to touch them, but is it super neat to be so close to them.

You can purchase nectar to feed birds in an enclosed area and for some ducks at other places in the park. Don't forget to catch the bird show (it is incredible to have them fly over your head) AND watch the cheetah sprint.
Later in the evening, we stopped by Phil's BBQ for some GIANT-sized beef ribs and delicious sides. Be sure to come with a big appetite (and time to stand in the long line).

The best BBQ I've ever had.