Saturday, July 26, 2014


Last night, my mother and I could only find 1 hotel with a room for us to sleep in. Apparently, there was a big baseball game and kite festival in Berkeley that weekend.
 We left our fancy 1-star hotel
 to had lunch at Nation's Giant Hamburgers...and giant they were!
We still had a couple hours before the party for Aunt Helen today so we drove to Oakland to another one of my favorite places.
The flowers and palm trees on the grounds are gorgeous.

While it is sad that Aunt Helen passed, she did live 99 great years. She was a kind woman who had a love for travel, knowledge, service, and cats.
 During the celebration, my mother and I were able to visit with family members to look at photos and share stories.

I'm a Mormon kid. In my religion, we believe families are forever and even though some leave the earth, we will see each other again one day.