Saturday, July 5, 2014


This island has two spellings of it's name because it has a side owned by the Dutch and the other French. Brandon & I saw our friends Nate & Michelle from Barbados who were renting another car. We hung with our group. Upon arrival to the port, there is a small area of shopping. You can take a water taxi for $5 one way (or $7 for an all day back-and-forth pass) to more shopping. If you have shopping on your list this trip (there are lots of jewels they say can't be found anywhere else in the world), then this is the port to do it in. You can go around and get small, free gifts just for stopping in most stores. 
 Among the shops is a free movie exhibit with work by Nick Maley
 who is apparently known as "that Yoda Guy" because of his involvement in the creation of Yoda for Star Wars. It isn't that big, but you can buy some signed art from the movies.
After shopping, our group met up and then we split again. Some went on a tour of the entire island (I heard they found a nude beach) and others skipped the tour and went to Maho Beach. I went to Maho Beach. There is an airport so close to this beach, that people come to hang on to a fence that separates them as big planes take off. Only the strong can hang on and not be blasted away.

Of course, we tried it!

 When planes arrive, they seem like they are so close overhead that you can reach up and touch them.
It was totally cool.

While we were there, we saw our friends again!
 So we invited them to snorkel and eat lunch with us. If you go here, go to Driftwood bar and order their pizza. I know, you are thinking, I'm on an island, why would I order pizza?! But it is fantastic! We ordered an XL half white and sweet mama (+ham) pizza. SO YUMMY!
 Our taxi driver waited there for us and took the parents back to the shopping area. Brandon and I joined our friends Nate and Michelle in the rental Yaris (half car/half dolphin) and we visited 2 other beaches.
Cupecoy was our first stop. The sand was softer than at Maho, but the waves were bigger.
 Our next stop was Mullet Bay Beach. The sand here was so soft and the water was perfect. It was gorgeous. The snorkeling was the best here for the day.

 We barely got the rental car back in time to board the ship because we were having so much fun.
 Our new friends suggested we all get a Guavaberry shake at the port to close such a great day.
Thank you, Sint Maarten. Tomorrow we go home. I'll miss the food buffet, having my bed made and room cleaned by someone else, and all of the fun/adventure. Back to reality.


Kara said...

What an awesome trip! I'd love to do a tropical cruise one day.