Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 5: ST. LUCIA

Two days before we left to board the cruise, I sent an email to Joe Knows Tours to make a reservation for our group. JR from Joe Knows met us on port right outside the cruise ship at 9AM. 
He walked us to meet our tour guide Snoop.We piled in the van for the land tour. They also have boat tours available.
 Our tour took us through some small fishing villages and to see a banana tree field. You can buy some bananas from the locals to taste.
There were cold beverages in a cooler for us to drink during the trip including soda, water, and rum punch.
 Our next stop was at a volcano (St. Lucia is famous for their pitons). We covered ourselves in mud at this sulphur spring. That means it smells bad, but is totally worth it and will make your skin fell incredibly soft. Be sure not to wear a white bathing suit because the mud might stain it.
 Here we are before....
And after...
We covered ourselves with mud then washed off our bodies (leaving it on our faces) 

 We then got in the car and drove to a nearby waterfall to finish rinsing off.
After we were all cleaned up, Snoop took us to have a wonderful local food island buffet at a super nice beach-front restaurant.

Once my plate was clean, I walked down the stairs to touch the water.
As we were driving back, Snoop turned on some tunes and we all sang along as the rum punch was flowing (just for some of us). 
 The final stop on the tour was at a small rum distillery.
There were several flavors for everyone to taste.
 This was the best tour of St. Lucia I think we could have had. The staff were totally professional, told us all about the island, and most importantly, helped us have fun. I would recommend their service to anyone visiting the island!
 Back at the port, we were surrounded by tacky souvenirs and pushy locals trying to sell us junk.
 If you cruise here, don't judge the island by this port alone--you MUST venture out and tour the entire island.
Good vibes.