Thursday, July 24, 2014


We were planning on going to Aunt Helen's 100th birthday party in Berkley, CA. Unfortunately, she passed 10 days before her birthday. My mother and I still hit the road to make it to a party in her memory. We drove to Reno and slept at the fabulous Circus Circus. They have rooms for $40 - incredible!
 We walked around the city in the morning and found a treat!
Raise your hand if you joined a senior citizen flash mob dance to Staying Alive this morning.
 After checking out of our room, we walked around the Midway Circus area and caught a few of the free shows they offer.
 There is a super cute show dog show
and a gravity-defying acrobat show.
After a quick stop for lunch at Jack-in-the-Box (don't judge me), we were on the road again.  
Our next stop was at the Penny Candy Store near Live Oak, CA. My parents used to take my brother's  and me here whenever we would visit my grandparents.
My mom gave me a whole dollar to spend just like the old days!
We made one final stop before going to my cousin's house to spend the night with family at the 99 cent only store. Back in the day, I bought a hair crimper here for 99 cents. Best deal ever.
Cousin time.