Monday, July 7, 2014


It's only fair that while I was off having fun excursions during my cruise, that my dog was being taken care of and having fun as well. She spent a few days at Central Park Pet Retreat. I made a post on my blog about this place before we left and now I want to report back on how awesome it is for you and your pets.
 Day-Z and I visited this day care center and took a tour a few months ago and found this to be the nicest pet boarding option around. She loved the running in the backyard area so much I thought she wouldn't want to leave to go back home. We met with the staff and I explained all of my dog's needs and they took notes. There was no doubt in my mind that Day-Z would be well taken care of during her stay.
 They provide dog play time both inside and outside which is great for Dayz and her big amounts of energy. Day-Z isn't a crate dog so the fact that they had a private suite (room) for her to sleep in is great.
Central Park is conveniently located in Salt Lake City not too far from the airport--which is great if you need to drop your dog off before you catch a flight.
 Big dogs and smaller dogs are kept in separate areas. Day-Z stayed with the smaller dogs and even sat behind the desk with the staff when she needed a little bit more attention. The staff made sure her usual feeding time was kept and that her eye drops were given each day. I was given a full report on how Day-Z behaved after I returned home--that shows me they actually paid attention and took good care of my sweet pooch.
Staff at Central Park are very easy to work with and want to make sure your dog's stay is the best possible.
They love your dogs and your dogs will love this place!

So next time you are headed out of town or just need to socialize your dog for the day, try out Central Park Pet Retreat. You will not be disappointed! *No dog, no matter their temperament, will be turned away. And don't forget they have an area for cats too!

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Unknown said...

Thanks again Deanna for the great blog about Central Park Pet Retreat. Can't wait to see Day-Z again!