Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 This morning we arrived in Barbados.
There are 10 people in our group on this trip and it is hard to keep track of everyone. This morning, Brandon and I were ditched by everyone else while we ate breakfast on the ship. We stepped off in the port hoping to find our group, but had no luck. What did we do? We stood in line at the car rental shack. The couple in front of us announced they rented the last car. Luckily, they were cool enough to offer to share it! So we climbed in the Hyundai with our new friends Nate and Michelle from New Mexico. The steering wheel is on the opposite side and the driver needs to remember to STAY LEFT!
We drove around the coast to a Sea Anemone Cave. Entrance is $20 Barbados currency ($10 USD) per person. There was a lot of construction going on to build a restaurant and bar...I'm sure it will be a fancy place that the cruise ships will be offering excursions to in the future.

 We went down some stairs to the caves and checked out a few anemones. 
Make sure you wear shoes that have a good grip to walk on the rocks.
Our tour guide told us this is the spot Billy Ocean filmed his Caribbean Queen music video.
Be sure to wear your bathing suit because there is a pool 7 feet deep that you can swim in AND...
up top is where the locals jump off the cliff (if the tide is calm enough so they can get out).
Who jumped today (even though there was a guy fishing for sharks)?
Me...and Brandon. 
This is the northern most point in Barbados where the Atlantic and the Caribbean Oceans meet.
Be sure to walk around the entire place and enjoy the views (and friendly goats roaming).
 Next, we headed to Fisherman's Pub & Grill for some Barbados Flying fish and other local eats.
 It was delicious and reasonably priced.

 Right next to the pub, is a little beach that we had all to ourselves to swim
and snorkel.
 I was able to see the cutest puffer fish, an eel, rockfish, and other fish whose names I don't know.

It was a beautiful day in Barbados off the beaten cruise path.


Unknown said...

Looks like a great trip and so much fun!