Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 6: ST. KITTS

We aren't in the states for the 4th of July, but the Carnival Valor surprised us with this patriotic gesture.
I loved it!
I don't think anybody had any plans for St. Kitts. Upon your arrival to the port, you will be greeted by  lots of shops and locals with monkeys. You can hold them, but you will be asked for $5 if you snap a photo with them.
I got my monkey photo for $2 with a bonus rasta donkey later in the afternoon during our tour.
The parents booked a tour with a local taxi bus called Junie Taxi & Tours.
It took us around the SMALL island to a botanical garden.
We saw a giant tree over 400 years old growing here,

pretty gardens,
and demonstrations of local batik artists (available for purchase). Make sure you have small bills if purchasing items from these little islands because they will try to give you change in their currency (to try to get you to spend it there so they can make more money). All islands on this cruise accept US currency.
 We continued around the island and stopped at a few great photo opportunity spots.
 Then the tour left us with the option to stop at the beach (the driver will negotiate what time to come pick you up and take you back) or to go straight back to the port with no beach.
We chose the beach. This beach had black sand which was cool...and very hot! It was a rocky beach and had murky water horrible for snorkeling. Ask your driver to go to a better beach!
 The tour included drinks (bottled water, coke & rum, or local beer). Once we returned to the port, Brandon and I went to the city in search of some local eats. We walked up to a street vendor who told us he had "cook-up" with is rice with various meats including pig tail. It was horrible, but we tried it. After we tried to eat it but ended up throwing it out, we went to a restaurant that said they served local food. We ordered some juice and mashed green bananas as a side with a fish entree--so yummy!
 The ship entertainment crew organized a 4th of July dance party full of lots of red, white, and blue goodies.
I love my America!