Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's a little disturbing to me that people need to be reminded to wash their hands after they use the restroom. Is it that hard to remember?! Especially if you work at a restaurant and are handling my food...gross.


Unknown said...

Apparently. I see these signs everywhere. And, it never fails that when I am washing my hands, some guy walks behind me out the door without washing his hands. I often wonder what his g/f or wife would think if she knew his dirty (literally) secret.

Unknown said...

CEO of my company needs reminding. The End. (oh and the word verification I had to do for this was a funny word, bernerb!)

braden said...

It's also disturbing that a little picture needs to be included on the side for those that apparently aren't familiar with the action of washing one's hands. Or maybe they can't read...also disturbing, no offense to the unlearned.