Sunday, January 24, 2010


Please help me if you can answer these questions that seem to baffle my mind lately:
1. Why does ranch dressing taste SO good on SO many things? I think I would go through a family-sized bottle a week if it was available.
2. Can a man wear anything more ridiculously unattractive than a deep V-neck t-shirt?
3. Is there some super magnetic attraction that forces a person to put their dirty dishes in the sink instead of in the dishwasher which is 1 foot away?
4. Do girls really need to carry such big purses and do they actually need to take that many things with them every where they go?
5. Why oh why does the guy/girl who acts like a jerk/bimbo seem oddly attractive to us?


Tiff said...

Deep questions indeed :P Let me take a shot at these baffling questions......

#1...Don't know why...but I think there is some addictive chemical added to every bottle of the stuff that makes us NEED to put it on everything.
#2 Yes a man can...a v-neck shirt with saggy bottoms where you can see their wal-mart boxers or whitey-tighties...eww...gross!
#3 L.A.Z.I.N.E.S.S. complete and utter laziness.
#4 I don't get it...I wear a wallet on a rope and do just fine without a big bag of crap ;)
#5 When you figure this question out, let me know... :) I've wondered the same thing.

Good luck...may you mind become un-baffled....... ;)

Miljenko said...

1. I don't like ranch dressing. Your theory is false.

2. Yes - lederhosen.

3. No. Mostly you want to put water in it or wash it out and dishwasher door is usually closed so by the time you pull it down ...

4. No.

5. Another false premise, not to me ....

The Loomis Family said...

1. Family sized bottles are available! I have one in my fridge right now! Come over and have some ranch with me!
2. no. I hate v-necks! They make me gag!
3. my #1 pet peeve! And if/when I find myself doing it I hate myself!
4. I love and treasure my bottomless abiss! I would die with out it! If it weighs less than 8 lbs I know I'm forgetting something! HAHAHA!
5. I love jerks! Sometimes I make my sweet huband mad just cuz its hot! HA!

Unknown said...

Okay, to answer #4... I admit, I have a big bag. It's annoying to me to have to carry it- but I find myself better prepared if I have it especially full of things like; apple sauce, cars, my wallet, chapstick, bandaids and neosporin, (I know it's getting pretty ridiculous) a kid spoon for the applesauce, organic milk box, lotion, sometimes a backup diaper and maybe wipes... although I only take those if I really need to... seriously- it could go on. But like I said, I feel really prepared most of the time.
And yes, the V-neck thing, AWFUL. HATE IT. A. LOT. Especially on skinny hairy laden chests. Ew.
I don't really have a good answer to 5. I don't really feel that anymore, in fact I cannot stand being around people like that anymore. But before I got married I could totally relate, and didn't know why I did it either.
(I'm so out of order) #3 well there's the rinsing it first and then putting it in. That's like a whole extra step, HEAVEN FORBID. Oh and if the dishwasher is full, that means they must be clean... and well I HATE unloading the dishwasher. Hee hee!
PS- you're still cute to me.

Anonymous said...

Personally ranch dressing doesn't do it for me!
Worse... bare chested man with fat belly hanging out
I agree "laziness" captures it all...put in the dishwasher!
I'd rather a girl had a big purse with her than a man who thinks he has to carry everything he owns in his pockets!!
If you're attracted to jerks I guess that means you're super nice...remember they say opposites attract!