Wednesday, January 6, 2010


While in Utah, I went to the wedding shindig for these kids:

And I caught this:

Now this is a big deal for me. I went to a reception lots of years ago for the Jubers where I caught the bouquet. The next day, for no good reasons at all, almost every boy I knew either stopped talking to me or phoned to tell me they didn't want to talk to me any more. No exaggeration. My super smart friend Danae and I discovered it was the curse of the wedding bouquet. So we went behind the Wendy's near campus in Provo one night and burned it to destroy all of it's evilness. However, there were metal leaves in it that couldn't be destroyed no matter how hard we tried. For every reception since then I avoided the bouquet when it was tossed and have even dodged, swatted, or kicked it away a few times.
Well, it's twenty-ten, a new decade, so I decided it's time to face the flowers and kick their trash. Misty threw the bouquet to all the single ladies and I caught it. Done and done. No bad messages yet...keep your fingers crossed for me.


dnA said...

Oh you are so brave to confront the boo-ket again. This one looks a little luckier though- fingers crossed ! ;) Thanks for callin me smart. xoxox

Jeff said...

I hope you can successfully avoid any scary bouquet curses.

Kara said...

That's too funny! Danae, as in yearbook Danae???

Turpin's said...

Hey De! Good job on catching the bouquet! Your gonna make a pretty bride! We will probably be back down to Utah in August or so. Just depends on when they don't need Brent on the project. I will keep you posted though so we can catch up! Its been way too long! Love ya!!