Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last week, on the Today Show, Paul Bettany talked about his role of playing Darwin in the movie Creation. He had to gain 45 movie pounds. How'd he do it? His answer: cheese sandwiches and booze. He ate cheese and drank beer. Maybe he moved to Wisconsin for a few months?!
But I love it, I do. I enjoy seeing blocks of cheese at the salad bar for you to slice up, sausage and cheese plates at the local euchre tourney for all to enjoy, and fried cheese curds around every corner.

PS I'm NOT here to bulk up for a part in a movie.


Cal said...

Fried cheese curds sound so good.

The Loomis Family said...

Remember when we had mac n cheese every night after I got off work at 11pm?? Oh those were some good times! The best mac n cheese I ever had was with you!

molly said...

our friend Jason Schwartzman set his alarm clock for 2 in the morning, would get up and eat a few donuts and go back to sleep when he was trying to put on pounds for Marie Antoinette. I think that is hilarious.

Jeff said...

I'm excited to see fat Deanna in a movie.