Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Three things I've discovered lately that I am not very good at:

1) Scrabble. But I will challenge you to a game of Boggle ANY time
2) returning phone calls
3) Saying goodbye

The word goodbye didn't even belong in my vocabulary for the longest time. Once I let someone in my heart (lovers, friends, coworkers, neighbors, doctors, whatever), I kinda don't know how to forget about them.
So this makes it rough for me to say farewell, even if I know one of us will return.
Silly heart. My solution? Tim McGraw says it best in his song Everywhere:

...But ever since you said good-bye
I've been out here on the wind
And baby you would be surprised
All the places you have been

I've seen you in Albuquerque waitin' out a blizzard
Arizona dancin' 'cross the desert
Watchin' the sun set in Monterey
Girl I swear just the other day you were
Down in Georgia pickin' them peaches
Carolina barefoot on the beaches
No matter where you choose to be
In my heart I'll always see you

...Still I know I'll hear your voice
And see you down the road
Maybe in

Oklahoma drivin' 'cross the prairie
In Dallas Texas isn't that where we
Always said we would like to try
But never did so maybe that's why
You're on every highway just beyond the high-beams
Right beside me in all of my sweet dreams
No matter where you choose to be
In my heart I'll always see you

I love you; you're my friend.


Leslie said...

i dont know if you know this or not...but tim mcgraw is my boyfriend.

The Loomis Family said...

Come say Hello to us! No good byes! They are sad. In fact that song always makes me cry. I'm a crybaby.

Muggsy said...'re coming back right?

Unknown said...

Psst. . . this song mentions Arizona too.

dnA said...

At the end of a breadline, with just a penny, I'll always remember you.