Friday, October 2, 2009


Just a few of the most ridiculously romantic (less romance more ridiculousness actually) comments I either had said to me or heard a boy say to a girl this week thus far:

*You are hard to forget, but easy to ignore.
*I'd take care of you if I knocked you up. At least for six months OR until you started showing.
*You're cute but there are some things you should change. Maybe watch what you eat because your height and weight don't match. But don't worry...your boobs are great. Don't change your boobs.
*Hi. I want you.
*I need some arm candy Saturday. You busy? Make sure to wear a dress and curl your hair.

I mean REALLY boys? Really?! Let's have more tact please.


Jeff said...

Those are all excellent pick up lines. lol

easleyfamily said...

WOW! That's really all I have to say :)

Deavon said...

Pretty sad, but I have some really bad ones from girls too. I think it goes both ways.