Friday, October 9, 2009


My friend Clint told me he needs to take me dancing because he can't find anyone to stunt with who doesn't get freaked out.

He then proceeded to tell me most cute girls can't dance and the not-so-cute girls cut up a rug so it's a struggle when he wants to ask a girl onto the floor.

Then I realized he said he wanted to dance with me. Which position does that put me in? The not-so-cute girl who is the good dancer? Dangit.


Leslie said...

He did say MOST cute girls. You must be the exception.

Susan said...

Hook me up with Clint. :)

and Deanna, you are cute - so I assume you can't dance. JUST ME..

ali-dot-e said...

Ditto what Leslie said.

Jaimee said...

Heck no you were the exception & that's why he told you how he felt about it b/c he was so happy to have found the cute girl that CAN dance!! :)

Kara said...

Clint: insert foot in mouth. Now.

Deanna, you are a gorgeous lady and I am not 'just sayin' that.'