Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I had the pleasure of staying in Tooele this weekend to hang with my niece and nephew while my brother Jeff and his wife Virginia went to San Diego for the BYU football game and Virgina's birthday celebration. That Saturday happened to be homecoming for the local high school and Robert was asked to go. Just for the record: it wasn't a date...they went to a dance. Whatever.

Lauren and I were in charge of making sure everything went smooth. So while Robert and the non date group were playing air hockey during the afternoon, the two of us set out to buy a flower for the girl. There is one flower shop in Tooele and it is closed on Saturdays. Instead we tried the local Macey's and Albertson's supermarkets. No luck. The final attempt led us to Wal*mart where they only sold bouquets but we didn't need a dozen. As we were about to leave and admit defeat, I remembered a time I went to a Wal*mart in Springville with my friend Holly and she had to use the restroom. When she came out, she handed me a rose and said she found it in a vase in the bathroom. Weird. I went in and checked out the restroom. Sure enough there was a vase with roses. So maybe I boosted one for Robert's date.

As Robert was showering and getting dressed I realized he was gonna wear a tie and probably needed help with this one but I don't wear ties. With the help of a youtube video, Lauren and I can now make a perfect Windsor knot. Crisis averted.

Add a little hair gel, hide his white tennis shoes and white socks so he has to wear black socks and dress shoes, a little spray (or twelve) of cologne and we had one good looking man cub ready for his first date with a little bit of help from his big sister and favorite aunt (that one is me).

PS Lauren and I have amazing outfits because we went to an 80's themed birthday party during the dance--not our normal attire.


Jeff said...

I'm glad you were there to help out the team. Every guy could use some help. I don't think I figured out dating until about the time I got married.

Jaimee said...

Is that really Lauren?!?!?!?! Holy cow I feel really old right now. You are the coolest aunt ever D to make sure he had the best night ever!

I am still in shock that these are the two little kids I have pictures of in my scrapbook room from back in the day -- oh man why do we grow?

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

If only I were as lucky to have an aunt like you!

And if you ever want to "boost" a flower for me I would totally let you!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they don't put flowers in the guys' restrooms at Wal-Mart.