Saturday, October 3, 2009


Now I'm not usually one to make a fuss but I also don't appreciate bad business and would like to pass this info on to you.
Stewart Palmer Studio: I must tell the truth, I did leave this place yesterday with a great haircut and color but I also left with a wet hoodie and jeans because they spilled water down my back when the girl washed my hair. I know, that was an accident and it's cool because I can dry off, but the part that really bothered me was the poor customer service as I was getting my hair cut by the "professionals" who stopped styling hair to call in an order of food for lunch for themselves and take several calls on their personal cell from a boy they are interested in dating. Those phone calls can wait until AFTER you finish with your client. I mean, if I am paying for the service...I deserve the attention.

Elase in Orem: I detest this office more than any human being could hate another place of business. Not only did the consultant BURN my neck with a laser (leaving me with some gnarly hickey looking marks), but the manager also lied to me about it, and then tried to insinuate that I was lying when I returned to talk with them about the incident. In past experiences with this office, they have also zapped a chunk of eyebrow when doing laser hair removal for my friend and left a bruise on the face that lasted for over a month.

PS If you talk with representatives from other laser/spa offices around Utah County and mention something went wrong, I've noticed the first suggestion of where the bad service was performed is usually Elase. Nice job guys. Zero out of five stars.


Supercords said...

You should review some non hair related businesses that I might actually frequent, so that you can warn me not to frequent them.

Where are you working these days? Still at Ikea?

Unknown said...

You could add Jiffy Lube to that list. They ruined my engine, then refused to pay for it. Jerks.

Cal said...

Report them to the better business bureau. I went to Elase a few times. They do it wrong. You're not supposed to grow the hair out that you want to zap. It's supposed to be under the skin so the skin won't burn.