Friday, October 16, 2009


This is a story of girl meets boy. The girl, Deanna Watson of Orem, Utah, grew up believing that love could be all flowers and happily-ever-afters. This belief stemmed from early exposure to sappy Beatles love songs and totally misunderstanding the movie Swamp Thing. The boy, Jason somebody of Wherever the doesn't matter now, USA, maybe shared this belief. Since the days of his gym experience he'd only love two things: the first was his huge biceps. The second was hydrating his body after a good workout. Deanna meets Jason on September 25th. She knows almost immediately he is the one to finally be her boyfriend. This is a story of girl meets boy, but you should know upfront, this is NOT a love story.

DAY 1 blog entry Jason looked away as I looked up from the elliptical machine and then almost ran into the door as he tried to sneak one more peek just before leaving the rec center.
DAY 11 I went to BYU symposium this morning. Was late to the gym.
DAY 5 Jason walks in to rec center. Glances over at me on elliptical. Can't help but smile.
DAY 13 Two meetings at the fountain.
Jason: You having a good workout?
Deanna: (panting) yeah. Today is a good day.
Jason: Me too. I'm exhausted.
Deanna goes in for another drink and as she walks away says: Deanna! That's my name.
Jason: Deanna? I'm Jason.
Deanna: cool. (and goes to exercise on)
DAY 6 I'm not even thirsty but I go to drinking fountain just to see him and he follows. Twice.
DAYS 19&20 I went to gym early maybe hoping to see Jason as I was leaving and he was coming. No luck.
DAY 7 I go to drinking fountain and he is there before me.
Deanna: So we meet at the fountain again...
Jason: But you usually make it here first.
Deanna: Guess I'm slow today.
Jason stands there as if wanting more of a conversation. Deanna walks off...exercise on.
DAY 15 As Jason was leaving the rec, he looked down on Deanna riding the bike then turned around and pushed the door open with his back for an extra look.
DAY 21 I went to gym early and then went back for round 2 to sit in hot tub with Brother Tim. Jason sees me talking to him and seems to pay more attention to me. Jealous maybe?
DAY 14 No drinks.
DAY 22 He arrived on time, talking on his cell as usual. I finished my time on the elliptical and headed to the fountain for a sip. He was there!
Deanna: Jason, right?!
Jason: yeah
Deanna: just remembering. (starting to breath heavily now because of the workout and being nervous, but I knew this was my chance.)
Jason: Hey (and he stood there as if waiting to have a conversation with me.)
To myself: This is it!!
Deanna: So...what's your girlfriend's name?
Jason: Brooke.
Deanna: You two exclusive?
Jason: Yes.
Deanna: Fair enough. (walks away)

Most days of the year are unmemorable. They begin, and they end, with lots of water consumed in between. Most days have no impact on the course of a life. October 16th was just another day.


Rodney and Tanya said...

Get ready for Autumn . . . cuz it's coming!

Kara said...

You forgot thepart where you spat in his face and he forgot all about "Brooke" and started making out with you. Then you slapped him and walked away. Then he calls you for a real date. HEV!

Jeff said...

I like Kara's version of the story.

easleyfamily said...

He's not worth your time!!

Supercords said...

I think you need to tell this Brooke character about all your water fountain excursions.

Cal said...

What a story! I feel sorry for his girlfriend. Who needs a boyf that checks out other girls at the gym!? I'd say you are the lucky one in the story.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Men suck.

Jaimee said...

You gotta be kidding me!! What a LOSER! I agree w/everyone else - this Brooke girl needs to know what kind of guy she's dating... THE END!