Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Dear cholesterol level,
I promise not to eat like this every day, but I have to tell you that that bacon, cucumber, tomato, and whipped cream cheese sandwich on toasted bread was just what I needed today. SO delish.
Yours truly,


Jeff said...

That looks delicious.

Dan Liddiard said...

You are soo funny Deanna!

easleyfamily said...

you make me laugh :)

Supercords said...

I bet you have no idea what your cholesterol level even is, and that you had to use spell check to even spell it.

Deanna said...

shut up Shane

spencer Christensen said...

Dear Deanna,

I understand that is something looks this good you would and should sacrifice my friendship for it! If I were you I would have eaten it as well! I frankly forgive you.

Yours Truly,
Cholesterol Level