Saturday, February 2, 2008


To end my Sundance experience I went to a Best of Fest film in SLC Monday (thanks again Jimmy for the tickets), finally hung out with Sean at the Porcupine (weed smell and Ebay lessons included for free), and went to a comedy show at Wiseguys in West Valley where my new friend Brian from the newfrontier performed a bit. Check out his stuff at

The headliner of the comedy show that night was Jeff Dye, a ridiculously good looking seacocks fan from Seattle, WA. Listen to him...he's funny and stuff. We searched fields for clovers, sipped Starbucks, shopped for manly hair product, and celebrated black history month/Kwanzaa with black movie night together.
In between the fun, I went with Brady to Shoots for Chinese burritos (good gosh those are delicious) and my second round of PS I Love You. Made me miss Ireland, but I've received news that some English lads might come visit soon.
The point of this blog...I'm not sure...I just had a good week. Click on the links and listen to the funny boys.


Jaimee said...

Thanks for doing the tag D but you silly girl your suppose to do it on your blog so other's can read it and you tag 5 other people! It's all good at least I got to read your answers and I enjoyed reading it so that's all that matters! 1998 is one of the best years of my life, especially the part of hanging out with you a lot and having TONS O FUN! Funny how fast time flies by I can't believe that was already 10 years ago, it's unbelievable!

Shauna said...

Tim and I cried through the entire film PS I love you. It was soooooo sad! I felt like I should have brought an entire box of kleenex with me. Maybe next time. Love your fun life. :)

Anonymous said...

PS Those comedians sure are funny--especially the bad ass dude. Love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

i officially second third and fourth that comment that is a right darn funny guy. and if i was a girl im sure id say hes hott too.