Thursday, February 21, 2008


As I was going through the airport security today dropping a student off for work, the TSA guy took my passport, looked at the photo, stamped my escort pass, and made the comment "I liked you better as a brunette." To which I quickly took my passport back and replied, "I liked you better when you kept your opinion to yourself."
Who says that?!
It's like a cop pulling someone over on the road, looking at their license, and saying "Gee, this says you weigh 115 pounds but we both know that's not accurate now, is it."
Sometimes inside thoughts are meant to stay inside.


Unknown said...

That's funny. What are you doing these days that you have students?

Jaimee said...

Wow D that's hilarious. Good for you to say what you thought! I am shocked that happened, maybe he was flirting!!! Weird way to flirt but I bet that's what he was doing if you ask me... I'm finally back from Tahiti so I can catch up in the blogging world I can't believe how much I've missed it's crazy how much happens in 10 days! Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's day! xoxo

Kris said...

Way to stick up for yourself!

michelle said...

oh my.... oh my....oh my

michelle said...

and the NEXT time, you'll say, I liked you better quiet