Friday, February 22, 2008


What could a better day at work include besides sweet pow falling, snowboarding, and then a free lunch?! And I was getting paid for it all.
Makes me want to board more.
I'm ashamed to say I didn't make it up on the slopes once last season and this was my first time this year. Time for some make up work to the snow gods. Pray for a long season.


Jaimee said...

Sweet...Was it at Snowbird? If it was you should of said hi to our friend Brant that I tried hooking you up with at my reception... He works there in the HR department..He still has a girlfriend though but you could sweet talk some free tickets out of him with your sweet charm I'm sure just tell him I sent ya ;)

Lance said...

remember our first kiss took place on a bench much like the one you're sitting on in that picture?
I think afterwards you punched me and wiped your lips of any cooties that could have been transfered in the exchange... but it was dreamy for me.

Deanna said...

mr. luvsalot, make your profile public so I can view it. But...full moon lift rides ARE dreamy!

Lance said...

I have nothing worth viewing on my profile... I just have one that I use to make comments on friend's blogs. I have my own blog through wordpress...