Thursday, February 7, 2008


Brian, an old country dancing friend, invited me to go with him to Kingsbury Hall last night to enjoy an evening of Riverdance. It was a spectacular show filled with a live band, singers, flamenco soloist, tappers, drummers, russian ballet dancers, and of course the riverdancers.

While performers were on stage, they would start clapping encouraging the audience to clap along. Great...that's fun...get involved in the show and feel the energy. Most of the old people would continue to clap for the entire piece even after the majority of the audience and performers have stopped and they would start clapping in the middle of a performance. Now I know sometimes there is a break after a person is dancing and doing something extraordinary so the audience can clap, but these people were going crazy and clapping so much that they were ruining the purpose of listening to the stomps on the floor of the dance (that sound is what makes you realize they are moving so incredibly fast). Or some audience members were clapping during the solo making it so I couldn't hear the jamming. HELLO--you're kind of ruining the show. There is a time to clap and a time to listen. Please be wise in choosing when is the appropriate time for each.
PS this show made me miss Ireland. sigh.


Michael Hawker said...

You wanana know what clap I hat the most? Besides the STD of course... The clap after a movie in theatre.. What the hell?

Michael Hawker said...
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