Tuesday, February 12, 2008


After borrowing a car from his local neighborhood player, my friend Sean (straight from Maine) and I went out on a scavenger hunt to celebrate his first trip to the Provo/Orem area.

The first timer and I headed down State Street and directly to Krispy Kreme where he witnessed the awe of the donut conveyer belt. Being very careful not to get glaze in his moustache, he quickly munched on 2 free samples of the original glazed and 2 variety donuts and washed it down with a chug of 2%. The hungry fella curbed his sweet tooth all day just for this pit stop. While at the Krispy Kreme, we snapped some photos on our scavenger hunt list: with a b-day girl, eating a donut, and with a BYU student.

Getting onto the University Parkway and later Avenue, we continued our tour of Provo by passing the University and Provo Towne Centre malls, Movies 8 (home of 50 cent Tuesdays), the Provo temple, Rocky Canyon and it's park, the MTC (not empty sea), the BYU, UVSC, Wal-mart on Sandhill Road (perfect for late night student flirting), Neilson's Grove (where we rode the giant swing), Trafalga (ghetto putt putt), Geneva Steel (plug your nose), and the list/excitement goes on...

Our last stop was the Watson boarding house for some soup, a few more donuts, roommate time, and a movie.
Welcome to Provo Sean.


Anonymous said...
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Jaimee said...

I'd like to know what that comment said that had to be erased oohh drama! Sounds like lots of fun D he sounds like a keeper!

Deanna said...

It was a porn link. Who does that on blogs?!