Monday, December 21, 2015


Last year, I tried to get Day-Z to take a photo with Santa Claus. She acted just like a (human) child and was terrified of the guy. What makes Santa so scary? She wouldn't even sit on his lap.
So I got the best idea. I was going to order a Santa Costume and take our own photos. Then I wouldn't be disappointed with a disk full of no good shots that I had to pay a pretty penny to have taken. I checked out the site Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They are awesome because they sell the best selection of costumes for men, women, girls, boys, infants, and dogs at the lowest wholesale prices. You can usually find a discount code to use on their site as well making the total of your purchase amazingly affordable. 
Well, I ordered the boots Santa boots thinking she would sit by them and all of the photos would be lovely. The boots came and looked totally legit. They were way better than some I had seen at other costume shops. They had quality fur at the top and fit like a charm to make the Santa scene perfect.
We just needed to insert dog. After all my hard work, it turns out I just have a camera-shy dog who makes awkward faces whenever a camera is in front of her. Maybe I'll try something different next year.
I can't blame the Santa boots for the photo fail. They were fabulous. If you looking for a pair of your own, check out their site. They have costumes and items for every possible holiday and celebration you can plan all year round.