Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I live in Utah. I have just recently decided I need to enjoy the outdoors more. That's why I am so excited about the new package that was just delivered to my house. I am now the proud owner of two camping hammocks. The first is a double camping hammock with tree straps from #Liveinfinitely.
I like that this hammock just folds up inside this little pouch that is attached. It is so easy to assemble and clean up. The included tree straps roll up into a nylon carrying case as well.
 This double hammock is strong and durable. It is made from the highest quality weather resistant 210T nylon with interlocked triple stitched seams (for you technical people out there) and is guaranteed to hold 450 lbs (put in simpler terms for me). The quick drying, weather & mildew resistant hammock (also machine washable) measures 9' 10" long by 6' 6" wide (300cm x 200cm) which can easily hold 3 adults. Anybody want to join me?
It comes with 11' 5"durable weather resistant nylon tree straps that have a stainless steel lashing ring and unique triple running stitch. The straps are designed to prevent stretching while still allowing simple setup. And if I can do the set up and tear down in less than 5 minutes...you can too. 
 My second newest prized possession is the ultralight camping hammock from #Rallt with #TheUltralight hammock straps. This hammock has super lightweight components. The built-in compression straps cinch it down to a tiny 6” x 6” x 4” package, making it an excellent choice for those of ya'll who like backpacking. It comes with everything you need to hang it including ropes and aluminum wire gate carabiners. 
The ultralight hammock is also made of a 210 nylon body and can hold up to 400 lbs safely with premium carabiners and nautical-grade rope. This one is made for one, but my dog Day-Z snuck in with me. I mentioned it comes with straps and all, but I wanted to try out the hammock straps available for purchase from the same company. You get 10 feet each strap and they pack to 4" x 4" x 1.5" and weigh 12 ounces for the set. Also, reflective tracers are stitched into the webbing for those adventurous ones who need a quick set-up or take down in the dark.
It also folds up easily in nice little attached pouches. 
Check out their free guide to hammock camping on their site.
Now who wants to go camping with me??
Both companies want you to be happy so your purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee...and you all know I LOVE great customer service!

I received these products free of charge for my honest opinions.


El Cascabel said...

Been thinking about getting one of these. Has it held up?