Sunday, October 12, 2014


Have you ever wondered if you are making a difference in this life? I have this fear of being mediocre. I have learned that doesn't mean I need to be CEO of a major company, an award winning author, or famous actress. I have learned small things sometimes matter the most.

Confession: I'm not a millionaire. That's right. So I don't have a ton of money to donate to every good cause. I do have a rare blood type though. I donate my blood whenever possible. One day, I was wondering if that was really making a difference/helping people or if I was just wasting my time snacking on Lorna Doone cookies with brightly colored gauze on my arm every few months. I have a friend with a husband battling cancer. She makes THE most inspiring and upbeat posts on Facebook. That same day she just so happened to make a post saying her husband had had a blood transfusion and then thanked all friends who have ever donated blood at any time. WOW! I guess I knew I was doing it for good reason, but needed that little reassurance for some reason.

Then I stumbled on this video below. I'm not a mom, but I might have shed a tear. Do yourself a favor and spare a few minutes to watch the entire thing. I dedicate this to all people who have ever wondered if the things they do are making a difference in this life. Please watch it. Pretty please? You never know...