Saturday, May 31, 2008


Everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE here is crazy about water. No matter where you go if it's to the park, down the street, in the car, etc., you need to have a water (voda) bottle with you. Since the temperature is in the 90's right now and it is so unusually hot for the country, people think they are going to die without water.
This leads to my next scenerio...if you drink a lot you have to use the toilet a lot. But, if you're a little child, you are allowed to just go pee outside. That's right, pull down your pants (it takes a little more work if you're a girl) and go on the lawn, sidewalk, or wherever with parent's permission. I'm not used to this yet.


Unknown said...

At what age do they require one to find a restroom? Or is the Czech Republic one giant pee party?

Deanna said...

Party on, Wayne...