Monday, May 19, 2008


Email with job offer: Thursday
Phone call to chat about job: Saturday
Phone call about getting a ticket to fly out: Sunday
Ticket purchased for me: Wednesday
Leaving USA: Friday
Working in Europe: til August.
Gonna miss: you


Britt said...

congrats...what a fun experience! i expect lots of blog updates :) i have 2 friends from high school that taught english over there for 2 years. if you want advice on things to do/places to go, i can give your email address to them.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!? You leavin on Friday? Not back until August? Who is gonna babysit? You need to get over here and start storing up the sitting...come over first thing tomorrow and you are not allowed to leave until your flight boards!
...and I know for a fact that you don't party.

Jaimee said...

WOW...I can't believe your leaving! What a great experience it will be but D I can't believe your really going! So now I know what you meant about you wanting to visit me before you leave the country...hello!!! So are you coming up or what??!!??! It's the opening weekend at Bear Lake for Seadoo's and Boating you HAVE to come up sometime and play before you leave us..

Deno'N'Mo said...

Wow, D! How exciting! Have fun, you'll have to see if those Czech boys liek granola bars as much as those Utah boys (haha) I hope you packed a bunch to luar (spell?) them all in