Saturday, May 24, 2008


Thursday night was deanna's last night in town and time for one last hoorah with a few people who stopped by. Jenny and I shared a kebab (not bob) and baklava. This morning as I went to leave, I noticed my camera was nowhere to be found. Um, I NEVER forget my camera and more importantly NEVER lose it. So I took off without it and a frown on my face. (Luckily I can add a few snaps from my camera phone).

I flew to Atlanta then on to Prague. In the airport in GA, I was surrounded by Czechs. They weren't bad looking at all, I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but at least they weren't bad looking. The stewards handed out newspapers written in Czech and I felt a little left out.

Upon greeting my new family for a few months at the airport, little William surprised me with some flowers and I him with a book about Utah. They told me they don't know anything about Utah besides it has a lot of Mormons and skiing...what else is there?!
Went straight to the house. I have a great big area upstairs with my own bathroom and kitchen. Not too shabby. I unpacked, played outside with local friends/business partners and William, sipped some sparkling water, and called it a night.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are safe and sound behind the iron curtain (I think... geography and americans are not friends. Anywho, hope you have a ball and finally get to learn how to party.
PS- nice post, who's computer did you use to do that?

Deanna said...

well, I took a computer with me on the trip but broke it by Atlanta so I used the one at the house that belongs to the family.

Sean Duggan said...

you made it. czeched in. hahaha. what else is in utah besides skiing and mormons? i dont know either. maybe william can loan me the book once he's done.

p.s. whats the time difference there?

Deanna said...

I'm 8 hours ahead of you.
Sean, you would love the grafitti here.

Kris said...

Deanna, I can't freakin' believe you are only one time zone away from me!! How warm and fuzzy I feel knowing you are so geographically near to me! I'll totally be hooked to your blog checking out your adventures!