Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I recently saw an article that listed a reason to be very jealous of Taylor Swift. I mean she has a lot of things going for her like money, fame, talent, the ability to wear red lipstick without looking stupid, super hot guys in her music videos, supermodel friends, etc. But among those things is she she has amazing posture!
It's true. I looked through all of the photos in the article and Swifty is always looking poised and practically perfect in every one.

So this got me thinking about myself and noticing how I slump on the couch to watch a movie and it's horrible. I was given a Faburo adjustable posture back brace to test out for a bit.
This brace is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. It is great for long periods of sitting behind a desk at work, or a daily jog. The brace is designed is designed to pull your shoulders back, straightening your posture while constantly reminding you to position your shoulders in the proper form.
While helping to fix posture, the brace also helps relieve many back pain issues. With your back muscles in proper form, spinal pressure may be relieved. That's a plus!
The brace is available in black and white. It is easily adjustable via the shoulder straps and fits many sizes (26"-40" chest size). I even had my mom try it out (that's her in the top two photos).
Tip: for greater comfort, wear the brace over a shirt.

Of course, for best results in straightening your posture your physical participation is required...unless you have a magical TayTay wand to wave around. Give it a try. Now I'm off to drink gallons of water to get that JLo glow she promises comes from her major consumption of water. I wonder if she has a bladder as small as mine though.